Today we supply several MedTech companies with Precision Castings. Precision Castings from HPG are ideally suited for MedTech equipment thanks to the possibility of giving the castings an attractive design and low weight, in combination with strength. There is often a demand for several variants, which can easily be met by simple and quick changes to the patterns.

You can design Precision Castings down to a wall thickness of 0.8 mm but then without big variations in thickness of adjacent sections.


Precision Castings are used in many applications within the Telecom industry e.g. in base stations, amplifiers and antennas. The advantages with Precision Castings in these applications,apart from short time to market, are also precision, tightness, low weight and corrosion resistance.

Our process makes simple and quick design optimizations of your products possible, which is often a necessity at product launches.


Within engine and transmission design, Precision Castings are often used in prototypes/pre-series for the verification of the design/function before the ordering of complex and expensive high pressure die casting dies. Precision Castings based on SPM can be given almost identical properties as high pressure die castings in terms of surface finish, tolerances and strength. The simplicity in alterations of the pattern equipment is an additional advantage for the use of precision castings in prototypes/pre-series within the automotive industry.

Manufacturers of special vehicles in small series also use Precision Castings in their running production as an alternative to hand-moulded sand castings. Sand castings do not give the close tolerances and low weight that are often required by automotive companies.

Precision casting for all shapes

Hackås Precision Foundry can cast, heat treat and machine components from 100 grams up to approx. 50 kilograms. With our own pattern shop we have full control over our pattern production, which means that we can offer short delivery time and quick turn around for pattern modifications. We also take care of surface treatment and assembly.


Precision castings can be found as components in fire control systems, missiles, vehicles and aircrafts. Short series in combination with high complexity and demands for low weight in combination with strength, makes Precision Castings a suitable component for the defence industry.

Plaster moulded Precision Castings in aluminium can be heat treated. Through solution treatment and hot aging the structure of the material is stabilised and a higher yield and tensile strength is achieved.